Smartphoto’s SEO success: Optimised content drives more conversions

71.93% increase in clicks per day

36.4% increase in total clicks on specific URLs

Several pages increased clicks by more than 100%

There’s a lot of competition for customers online. Understanding and utilising the right strategies to stand out is crucial. Smartphoto faced this challenge and turned to IIH Nordic to help them increase organic traffic. Smartphoto sells photo products that customers can design themselves online, and the company is represented throughout Europe. The focus was on their Finnish site with the goal of increasing organic traffic daily by 10 clicks for selected URLs and a 10% increase in conversions.


  • 71.93% increase in clicks per day
  • 36.4% increase in total clicks on specific URLs
  • Several pages increased clicks by more than 100%

Complications that cause challenges

Smartphoto’s most important season is Christmas, when many people order personalised gifts for friends and family. The biggest challenge was to optimise the use of this period. This meant making predictions about which pages were expected to be the most popular, while at the same time making a plan for how to improve the pages. This required an in-depth understanding of the needs of the target audience and careful optimisation of content across the entire customer journey.

In this work, the scope of what could be changed and implemented on the Finnish pages was limited. The scope of the pages’ design was narrow, which meant that the aim was to make the most of the current content and optimise it in the best possible way.

Improving user experience with targeted content

The content optimisation process started with an analysis of Smartphoto’s current pages. In practical terms, a prioritised list of pages that were predicted to be popular during the Christmas season was created. The prioritisation was done by assessing the forecasts, looking at historical data and analysing the pages to find out where optimisations were needed, what content should be present for customers and where in the sales funnel customers were. For example, more inspiration-related keywords were implemented on category pages to match the search intentions of the target audience.

Impressive increase in organic traffic after SEO optimisation

The keyword optimisation and content improvement strategy resulted in significant improvements on Smartphoto’s site. After implementing the optimisations, Smartphoto saw an impressive 71.93% increase in clicks over the following four weeks. In addition, the average ranking of these pages increased from 8.26 to 6.1. In the period November 2023 to January 2024, the optimised URLs saw an overall increase in clicks of 36.4%.

Working with Smartphoto’s Finnish sites demonstrates the power of a targeted SEO strategy, even when tight technical frameworks limit the ability to be creative. By focusing on user intent and carefully selected keywords, the overall goals of increasing conversions and traffic were achieved, while also creating a significant improvement in user experience.

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