Gigtforeningen recover 40% of their website visits thanks to Recapture

35% more visitors recovered through Facebook

40% recovered in direct website traffic

Over 110K recovered website visits

Introduction to the case

Patient association

With more than 80,000 members, the Danish Arthritis Society is Denmark’s third-largest patient organisation. They fight to make life better for the 700,000 Danes who suffer from arthritis, osteoarthritis and back problems.


  • Google Analytics 4
  • Google Tag Manager


  • Recapture


Andreas Brinch,
Client Strategy Manager

Florian Pertynski, Senior
Digital Analytics Engineer

Sebastian Kofoed, Client Relationship Manager 

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Trust your data

Many users choose to “opt-out” of cookies for fear of giving out personal data. Similarly, cookies are being phased out by a number of browsers, such as Safari and Google Chrome. As a result, many companies are unable to identify the behaviour of many of their users. A large amount of valuable user data is therefore lost, which weakens the decision-making basis for advertising and general website activity. This is exactly the challenge faced by Gigtforeningen, who found it difficult to trust their data. 

Today, the case is completely different for Gigtforeningen, who now have over 110,000 recovered website visits and over 35% more website visits tracked through Facebook than before. This is due to the implementation of IIH Nordic’s unique data solution Recapture, which makes Gigtforeningen’s data reliable and allows them to measure all visitors to their website – even those who have opted out of cookies.

Now, Gigtforeningen is well placed to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns and improve the customer journey while complying with GDPR regulations. 

Recapture sets the standard for how associations and companies can preserve visitors’ privacy while gaining valuable insights into their online behaviour on the website and which media platforms they come from. Among other things, Gigtforeningen now knows that users most often access their website via e.g. Facebook or Google and thereby which media platform it is most worthwhile to prioritise their marketing budget on.

Gigtforeningens three wishes:

Protect user in accordance with GDPR
Ability to track and analyse overall website traffic
Greater reliability of own data

Recapture in three steps

Before implementing the Recapture data solution, companies need to consider and address a number of issues. 

Firstly, they must have a functional and validated Google Analytics 4 setup and have implemented Google Tag Manager. Secondly, they must be cookie-compliant (i.e. the company uses cookies in accordance with applicable laws and regulations), as this is essential to ensure user privacy. 

Once these things are in order, the basis for a much faster implementation of Recapture at the company is created.

IIH Nordic can assist the company in setting up these Google tools if they wish.

The next step is to implement the data solution, which is the key to the company being able to legally collect data on users who say “no thanks” to cookies on the website.

This is possible because Recapture is, among other things, a proxy solution. This means that it sets up a partition between website visitors and third-party tools. In this way, data is anonymized in Google Analytics.

The anonymisazion key is changed every hour, and neither the company, IIH Nordic nor Google can recreate it. 

If the company has the aforementioned things under control in the initial phase, the implementation of the data solution can be completed in just two weeks. All the organisation needs to do is make an active choice about the use of data – where it can be shared and with whom.

After implementing the data solution, IIH Nordic spends about a week testing the solution to validate the data and make sure everything is working as it should. After this, the data is secure and reliable, and after a few weeks, the company can extract usable results from their Google Analytics and start optimising campaigns, website and customer journey. 

To make it as clear as possible to read the results, IIH Nordic has developed a dashboard that makes it easy for the company to interpret the data. This dashboard is not included with Recapture, but it can be purchased if the customer does not want to create their own dashboard. 

The product is called “Analytics Hub”. The customer pays a monthly subscription and we make sure the data is in the dashboard. We ensure that it works and we maintain it on an ongoing basis, so the customer doesn’t have to worry about it.

Recapture is for everyone

Recapture can be easily implemented by other companies with the goal of protecting user privacy while at the same time obtaining a reliable dataset for streamlining campaigns and customer journeys. 

The solution uses only Google tools that are available to everyone and that many companies already use today, but rarely utilise to their full potential. 

With Recapture, IIH Nordic’s specialists have succeeded in developing a unique and innovative digital solution that enables Gigtforeningen and other organisations to measure all visitors to their website – even those who decline cookies. 

During the development process, IIH Nordic worked closely with Gorrissen Federspiel, one of Denmark’s leading law firms, to ensure full compliance with GDPR regulations. 

Already after two months, Gigtforeningen could boast, among other things, 40% more direct traffic on the website and 35% more on the website via Facebook and over 110,000 recovered visits in total.

– Storm Hansen, CRM-teamleader at Gigtforeningen
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