Increased conversions and higher speed

With our help, increased their 90-day conversions by 40% and we improved their website speed by 7%. Among other things, we helped prevent problems with reporting and improved the handling of users' cookie consent choices.

Increased website speed by 7%

Increased 90-day conversion by 40%

Better understanding of users

The overall challenge

The data team at collects and delivers consumer insights to all parts of the business, but gaps in reporting prevented them from understanding and serving their users to the best possible extent. For example, the team noted that its reporting was missing transactions from customers with large revenues due to gaps in its measurement infrastructure. As they looked for a way to collect more information, they had to make sure that any new processes were compliant with the GDPR data management rules and the EU ePrivacy Directive.

Our solution

To support this mission, IIH Nordic introduced Server-Side tagging with Tag Manager 360 and implemented Consent Mode to respect users’ choice of cookie consent.

Main results

Improved website speed by 7%
Increased 90 day conversion for new customers by 40%

Robert Johnson

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