Jabra x IIH Nordic – Enhancing Google Ads Campaigns through IIH Nordic’s Recapture Solution

Increased conversions by 10-15%

Incremental increase ROAS: 5-9%

Improvement in compliance

In the fast-paced world of digital advertising, Jabra, a global leader in audio and video solutions, partnered with IIH Nordic to enhance its Google Ads campaigns. Seeking increased sales, reduced conversion costs, and while respecting user privacy, Jabra implemented a custom GTM-SS solution IIH calls Recapture — a solution leveraging new possibilities with server side combined with Google’s privacy-centric technologies. This cohesive framework enables accurate measurement of anonymous session data, particularly for users rejecting certain cookies while respecting their right to privacy.

The project included a pilot assessing B2B and B2C campaigns, utilizing Recapture server-side approach for accurate anonymous session measurement, in particular of anonymous conversions. The outcomes were impressive, with the increased number of measured conversions enabled by Recapture. The campaigns budgets could be better optimized, to incrementally increase the total number of conversions generated by the campaigns. This success reinforces Jabra’s commitment to data-driven excellence and privacy compliance in the digital advertising landscape.

Key takeaways

  • Incremental increase in Conversions within the same budget: 10%-15%
  • Incremental increase ROAS: 5-9%
  • Improvement in compliance

The Objective

In the rapidly evolving digital advertising landscape, achieving cost efficiency and higher conversion rates is crucial for businesses striving to maintain a competitive edge. Jabra, a globally recognized brand known for its audio equipment and video conferencing solutions, aimed to optimize its Google Ads campaigns with the goals of increasing sales, reducing cost per conversion, and prioritizing user privacy.

To achieve this, Jabra partnered with IIH Nordic to implement Recapture, an innovative solution integrating various privacy-centric technologies from Google, including Google Consent Mode, GTM Server-Side, and Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Recapture forms a cohesive framework ensuring improved data quality and compliance. This solution allows advertisers to accurately measure anonymous session data for users opting out of marketing and statistical cookies. With deterministic last-click attribution, advertisers can better allocate their budget among channels, providing more precise information to Google Ads and resulting in higher-performing campaigns.

Jabra’s overarching goal was to drive more conversions within their existing budget while enhancing the accuracy of session measurement, particularly for users who reject cookies.

The Approach

The project began with a pilot to assess the performance of Google Ads campaigns targeting both B2B and B2C audiences. This evaluation compared the outcomes of linking Google Ads to GA4 properties enhanced by Recapture to those using standard Consent Mode and Behavioral Modeling.

A significant aspect of this pilot involved implementing deterministic anonymous session measurement through Recapture’s server-side approach, contrasting with Google Consent Mode’s probabilistic session reconstruction models combined with GA4’s Behavioral Modeling.

Collaboration between IIH Nordic and Jabra’s teams played a crucial role in setting up and overseeing the campaigns, ensuring meticulous data gathering and analysis across all market segments served by Jabra.

The server-side deployment of Recapture not only enabled more accurate and privacy-compliant measurement of user interactions but also established a solid foundation for data-driven optimizations.

The Outcomes

IIH Nordic’s Recapture solution delivered impressive results for Jabra’s Google Ads campaigns. Without human intervention, Recapture boosted conversions by 10% to 15% and increased ROAS by 5% to 9%. This means Jabra saw a significant improvement in campaign performance, getting more value from their advertising budget.

Additionally, Recapture’s server-side component improved compliance with privacy regulations, addressing growing concerns about user data privacy. This further improved Jabra’s alignment with privacy standards but also provided a solid foundation for exploring data-driven strategies with confidence. The accurate and privacy-compliant data became a cornerstone for Jabra’s journey toward data-driven excellence in the digital advertising landscape.

“In our constant work with optimising both tracking and ad performance, Recapture ensures we can obtain the most valuable data with respect for user privacy”

– Kristine Tjæreborg | Marketing Technology Manager

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