tandlægen.dk increases traffic by 170% through SEO

332% increase in keywords ranking on Google page 1

170% increase in clicks

tandlaegen.dk ranks on 189% more keywords

Tandlægen.dk, founded in 2016, is a nationwide chain of dentists. With 46 clinics across Denmark, the chain is the largest in the country. In 2022, tandlægen.dk wanted to develop and scale their digital marketing efforts. To ensure competitiveness in the market, tandlægen.dk turned to IIH Nordic.


  • tandlaegen.dk ranks on 78% more keywords
  • 69% increase in keywords ranking on Google page 1
  • 46% more clicks
  • 73% more impressions in search results


  • tandlaegen.dk ranks on 189% more keywords
  • 332% increase in keywords ranking on Google page 1
  • 170% more clicks
  • 315% more impressions in search results

Data is collected from the period when the first optimizations were implemented and eight months forward compared to the same period the previous year.

IIH Nordic enters the picture

Tandlægen.dk wanted to increase their presence on Google. With this objective in mind, tandlægen.dk wanted to build an internal marketing organization to handle these tasks together with IIH Nordic.

To improve their digital presence, tandlægen.dk initially contacts IIH Nordic about SEO, Google Analytics, and Google Ads. Together with tandlægen.dk, several strategic cross-channel initiatives were identified to ensure a stronger position in the market.

To find out which SEO issues tandlægen.dk was facing and which solutions would have the greatest impact, a holistic assessment of the website was conducted. This included both analyzing the technical state of the website, as well as analyzing how the website’s content was performing. It was quickly concluded that prioritizing content was critical to success.

From technical terms to patient focus

The content strategy and associated prioritization was based on the fact that patients largely stay with a dentist once they have chosen one. It emphasized the importance of being visible when the rare shift does happen and in the event of an urgent need for dental care. In addition, it was important that tandlægen.dk’s mission to deliver care by ensuring the best and safest patient experience was reflected in the content. This way, the care and safe patient experience begins at the first interaction with the brand and continues all the way to the dentist’s chair.

Much of the existing content on the site was originally written by dentists to ensure the reliability of the content. The texts therefore contained a lot of technical terms and often didn’t answer the questions users might have about the topic. Therefore, it was clear that one of the important tasks in SEO was to customize and target the content to the desired readers – namely potential and existing patients.

To enable a data-driven approach to content optimization, a comprehensive keyword analysis was developed that included all relevant queries and search terms around symptoms and treatments. The keyword analysis not only made it possible to gain insights into the digital behavior in relation to dentists, but also to sort and prioritize relevant subtopics for a given treatment or symptom.

Based on the results of the keyword analysis, a content plan was developed, taking into account the performance potential and priorities of tandlægen.dk. The output was a content plan with 44 pieces of written content that needed to be optimized, adapted and/or developed.

Targeting potential clients delivers strong results

After eight months, IIH Nordic was able to present tandlægen.dk with significant improvements on all relevant KPIs – not only on the optimized content, but across the entire website. This was achieved through a well-defined optimization process combined with data-based prioritization and clear guidelines on what was and is relevant for each topic.

The optimization work initially focused on symptom and treatment pages, where the overall improvements over 8 months resulted in 170% more clicks from Google since the relaunch of the first symptom/treatment text. Due to the continuous rollout of optimized content, the numbers have been steadily increasing, and in October 2023, 6,286 clicks to the symptom/treatment pages were reported, compared to 1,327 in October 2022. This corresponds to an increase of 374%.

The symptom/treatment pages are only a part of the entire website, but they have obviously had a big impact overall. Since the relaunch of the first optimized content, the entire website has seen a 46% boost in traffic from Google, and also for October 2023, tandlægen.dk saw an increase of 62% compared to October 2022.

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