Everything we do is driven by passion and data

Letting the work speak for itself is not a cliché. It is proof of the passion behind all we do. Over time, our specialists have created impressive results for a long list of clients, and we are proud of our results and of the problems we have defined, measured, and solved.

We created a new Google Ads account based on IIH Nordic best practice, implementing the most effective bidding strategy in a competitive market. This led to an increased conversion rate of 158% and a 140% increase in weekly sales.


158% increase in conversion rate

51% reduction in conversion costs

140% increase in sales per week

Telenor Erhverv
A restructuring of the campaign set-up, optimizing and writing new ads, and using Google's own machine learning capabilities in Google Ads, the campaigns were targeted toward the relevant audience and the budget was focused towards the right areas of Telenor Erhverv's business.


98% more conversions

86% increase in conversion rate

18% reduction in conversion costs

JDE Coffee
By comparing two identical campaigns with different groupings, we could ensure that JDE Coffee's ads were shown to the right stakeholders by feeding Google's intelligent bidding data in the right way. The solution was a 50% increase in conversions.


50% more conversions

73% increased traffic

78% more ad views

Automation with custom labels meant we could identify high-margin products from the product feed. Accordingly, we were able to optimise the campaign structure to assign strategies for specific products.


85% increase in turnover

68% more transactions

22% increase in conversion rate


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